Smart Trade, No emotions.

Become a part of the elite 10% who actually make money from the market!

Trading with the help of automation reduces the risk factor. The emotion-free trade will definitely bring positive results at your end. Now, this is what we call smart trading!

Lightning fast.

Our strategy gets per second feed.

The trading ideas will be generating every second so as to tap the market volatility. This reduces the level of risk as you are getting guidance at every step.

You are the decision-maker.

It’s your money; you decide what to do with it.

You are the sole decision maker whether to make the trade or not. The trade bot will work only as an alarm for you in order to accrue maximum profits at minimum risk.

Your Money will stay with you.

Here, you own the money – which is not the case with mutual funds.

Your money belongs to you only, and you can easily withdraw it at any point of time. We only provide trading strategies.

We Work for Profit for You.

Even if the market doesn’t do well.

You’ll make profit regardless of whether the market moves up or down. The strategies will help you to time the market easily.

We’re confident in our strategies, because they work!

We offer paper-trading for free!

Our return graph speaks for itself, but still, for your heart’s contentment, you can make a demo account and test the viability of our strategies – all without spending a penny from your pocket!


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Fully Automated​

Trading Account

Pre trade analysis will help you to churn out the best trading practices on the daily basis.

Transfer Fund

The algo-trading account is directly connected with the broker’s account to ensure quick fund settlement.

Automatic Trading

Trading accounts work on the line of algo orders and replicate the same for real time trading.

Who Are We?

Alphabot is a trading platform for every kind of investors and traders:

  • The customer from retail segment who loves making profit through strategies.
  • Strategy developers can also test their strategies and generate monetary benefits.

Traders and investors can time their entry, exit and money management rules in automatic trading systems. We believe in offering simplified trading strategies for Equity, Forex, and Derivative markets.

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Why Trading With Alphabot?​​

No human emotions

Machine and data follows analysis and commands, so there is no scope for human emotions. The bot will work perfectly with your strategies when you remove greed and fear from your trading activity.

Combo power of speed and accuracy

Machines are incredibly useful when it comes to dealing with operational situations in trading. For instance, filling the correct details is very important, but most people make careless mistakes while doing so. Machine can take care of it. Also, we can’t be as fast as machines, and this lack of speed costs us many great opportunities while trading.


Reduce the stress of having to watch the screen for the entire day. The comfort factor alone is sufficient enough to trade via an algorithm. Only thing required from an individual’s side is the decision when to get on board.

Specific ROI

With almost no mistakes and an appropriate analysis, an individual’s long run gains and ROI will be higher than general.

Experience Trading Without Fear

What successful traders say about Alphabot?

  • 5 out of 5 stars

    Rohini Singh, Age 32 | Working as the Assistant Professor with a private institution

    "I work as a Finance Professor with a private institution and I am enthusiastic about stock market trading. Developing new trading strategies is what I love the most. Alphabot is the automated trading mechanism which helps me to test my trading strategies and generate wealth at the same time."

  • 5 out of 5 stars

    Ashish Yadav, Age 32 | Working in private sector bank as a Relationship Manager

    "I work in a private firm, the work pressure is enormous, and I can't imagine my survival in the coming years without wealth generation. Stock market trading is my first choice, but earning from this is a tedious task for me. I heard about Automatic trading and how it simplifies the task for traders. I was looking for a dependable firm. I came to know about Alphabot. At first, I was pretty scared because I trusted an automated mechanism for my hard-earned money, but later on, I realized that ALPHABOT reduced my burden and doubled the gains. I am relaxed now and trading efficiently with my trading partner, ALPHABOT."

  • 4 out of 5 stars

    Satyendra Batra, Age 57 | Working in Government organization as a senior manager

    "I was always fascinated about stock market trading, but the responsibilities at the home front and my low-risk appetite always hold me from investing in the market. I am approaching retirement in the next three years and free from all the responsibilities, so I decided to start trading and generate wealth from the same. My daughter told me about algo-trading, which is hassle-free and customizable. When I search about it, I find it a perfect trading help for me. I choose to do Automatic trading via ALPHABOT; their interface is pretty easy, and scalability is excellent. I am thoroughly enjoying, learning, and earning from this trading platform."

  • 5 out of 5 stars

    Raghav Arora, Age 23 | A college graduate working as a freelancer and preparing for civil services

    "In college, I enjoyed every single class of financial markets, and for a while, I try to do trading on my own. It is a great place to learn and earn. Still, after college, I start working as a freelancer, so I have to work on numerous assignments simultaneously and manage my civil services preparation because it is my dream. I was pretty sure about generating wealth from what I have earned from the freelancing. I know that the stock market is the best place, but the only thing that was not suitable was the amount of time and dedication I have to put in trading. I came to know about ALPHABOT and its excellent features like customization and time-saving software. I realize that this will help me in balancing my work, studies, and investments. It is a great trading experience with ALPHABOT so far."

  • 5 out of 5 stars

    Kishan Aher, Age 30 | A medium-scale retailer from Nashik

    "Running a medium-scale retail shop may sound easy, but it is not. I am equally passionate about trading in the stock markets. Still, the storefront responsibilities leave no time for me to trade efficiently and strategically as an intraday trader. I was planning to take the help of the broker, but I was not sure about this. One day while surfing the options to trade simultaneously, I came to know about Automatic trading, and I did complete research and list down the firms providing the same. After weighing all the alternatives precisely, I decided to choose ALPHABOT as my trading partner. The decision is to correct the products designed for trading is very helpful and comfortable. Additionally, it saves a lot of time. Thanks, ALPHABOT! for making my dream of trading in stock market true."

  • 5 out of 5 stars

    Pritisha Bhatt, Age 36 | A Homemaker

    "I am a homemaker, and I take classes for students in the evening at my home. For a long-time, I was looking for wealth generation, which gives returns daily. I decided to trade in the stock market, but the responsibilities of handling work at the home front didn't allow me to pursue this. I decided to look for alternatives, like brokers, etc., but I was not sure about the commission part. I came to know about Automatic trading from a trading website, and I searched more about this. I was convinced that I would be trading in this way. All I required at that time, an excellent Automatic trading platform, and I came to know about ALPHABOT, and their products are perfectly designed strategically and giving huge profits. I thank ALPHABOT for being such a smart trading partner for me."

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