Why Algorithm Trading?

Algorithmic trading is a process for completing orders through automated and pre-designed trading methods to record factors such as price, timing, and volume. An algorithm is a set of rules to complete a task.

Algorithmic trading uses a certain set of formulas in collaboration with mathematical rules and human insights to purchase or sell financial securities on the stock exchange. Traders use automated trading technology to do thousands of trades per second, and to grow the investment.

One can use algo trading for different purposes like order execution, trend trading strategies, and even arbitrage.

The main objective is to provide a hassle-free and profitable trading environment to traders and to help them generate wealth.

Why Algorithm Trading?

Uses of Algo Trading:

These are prominent uses of algo trading :

  • Strategies are customised:

    In algo trading, traders are allowed to formulate the trading strategies as per their own requirements. In case the trader strategy proves to be helpful, he/she can put their strategy for subscription to other traders as well.

  • Fast Execution:

    Algo trading supports a large number of trading activities in seconds and mitigates the losses. It grows wealth with minimum induced risk.

  • Reliable Results:

    The strategies are tested well in advance so the results are more reliable.

  • Freedom as a Trader:

    Algo Trading allows you to trade as per the strategy automatically with a great deal of freedom.

  • Multiple Brokers:

    Algo Trading allows the trade with different brokers. A good number of broker options available to trade.


Alphabot is the critical technology, helps in strategizing the trade from AI-driven market sentiment analysis. Alphabot provides a clean, intuitive development trading environment efficiently to identify market mis-pricings and temporary dislocations. Alphabot is for everyone, whether it be a hedge fund manager, a professional trader or a family office member who is planning to focus their processes through automation and effective management of their day-to-day trading activities.

All Strategies are Covered

Mean Reversion, Trend Following, Index Fund Rebalancing, Arbitrage or many many more strategies - we have got you covered

Earn Kudos as a Strategy Maker

you can make considerable profits by adding your strategies on Alphabot. The better your strategy, the more people will subscribe to it and generate more revenue for you.

Multiple Brokers

Alphabot is able to execute the trades with many brokers of your choice.

Fast Speed of execution

Get the fastest analysis and execution speed of the algorithms.

Proven Results

Backtested results are provided for each strategy to give you more confidence in the system.

Freedom as a Trader

As an independent trader, Alphabot allows you to trade your strategy automatically with absolute freedom.

Features of Alphabot:

  • User Interface data and Reports
  • High availability and performance
  • Strategy development
  • Business Functions and automation
  • Order Management and Execution Algos
  • Installation and deployment